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C (299 492 458), by Alex Ben Mayor


About the Play

Professor Helen Keller, a theoretical physicist, has been searching for a unification of the four disparate forces of nature. Somewhat controversially, she had been using geometry rather than algebra. After she sustains a severe brain trauma, shattering her cognition and her language, the process of trying to rebuild her damaged mind, and to ascertain whether she has in fact made a remarkable discovery, begins.

The title refers to the speed of light in a vacuum, taken as a starting point to investigate how we view the world around us. Looking at patterns of cognition, evolutionary theory, and advances in quantum physics, the work seeks to explore a fundamental question that is not often asked: how does the quest for ultimate meaning through science impact on the individual?

About the Playwright

Alex Ben Mayor

ALEX BEN MAYOR has been performing, directing, and devising theatre in Melbourne, Australia for the past eight years. His first professional work, Darwin's Dangerous Idea, developed as part of the young artists' initiative between the Melbourne International Festival and La MaMa Theatre in 2000, and was staged the following year at La MaMa. This marked the beginning of his fascination between science and theatre.

In 2003, he completed a postgraduate degree in Animateuring (Theatre-making) at Victorian College of the Arts, where he further explored the possibility of theatre to communicate scientific concepts and incite a curious and inquiring mind. His solo show, On Intoxicated Ears, was developed as his graduate work. It returned, to critical acclaim, at Fortyfivedownstairs Theatre as part of the 2004 Melbourne Fringe Festival. Alex has performed in works for the Carnivale Festival Sydney, the Darwin Festival, the Melbourne Fringe, and the Melbourne International Arts Festival. For the past two years, he has been training as a dramaturge at the Malthouse Theatre, a company dedicated to producing new Australian works.