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THIS ROUGH MAGIC, by Richard Manley


About the Play

This Rough Magic takes place in a foreseeable future, where the problems of overcoming loneliness and feeling unloved prevail, but technology provides solutions to those who can afford them.

About the Playwright

Richard Manley

After two decades of success as a copywriter and advertising executive, Richard Manley started a second career writing stage plays, which he has been doing full time for the past five years. Pulling from many years' worth of personal journals, he rediscovered his passion for the sound of the language and its potential to entertain, provoke and inspire. When he returned to the States from a sabbatical in Paris four years ago, he sold his business and structured a lifestyle that would allow him to write stage plays full time. In addition to This Rough Magic, his plays include Life is Mostly Straws, Quietus, An Ignorant Man, Even the Wee Waves, Matches, Thank Emily, and Apparently Not.