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STAGE Collaborates with the University of Chicago

With its first theatrical endeavor – The Art of Questionable Provenance (formerly titled The Brain Project) – STAGE launches an active collaboration with the University of Chicago.

STAGE launches Nobel Week Festivities in Gothenburg, Sweden

STAGE inaugurates the 2013 Nobel Week Festivities in Gothenburg, Sweden, with a reprise reading of the play Copenhagen, again starring UCSB Nobel Laureates David Gross and Alan Heeger, and acclaimed British actress Fiona Shaw. Playwright Michael Frayn participates once more; Nancy Kawalek again directs.

STAGE takes part in famous Solvay Conference in Brussels

A staged reading of the Tony Award-winning play, Copenhagen, by Michael Frayn, starring Nobel Laureates David Gross and Alan Heeger as Werner Heisenberg and Niels Bohr, and Award-winning British actor Fiona Shaw as Margrethe Bohr, opens the 100th anniversary celebration of the legendary Solvay Conferences in Physics. Playwright Frayn attends and participates in a post-play discussion.

STAGE Launches the New Collaboratory

STAGE's successful collaboration between scientists and artists leads to an expanded partnership.